What we can learn from the Las Vegas shooting

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Filled with so much emotion right now. Scrolling through Facebook tonight and I see the beginning of a slideshow of the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas. Tears. Hurt. I couldn’t continue.

Seeing the faces of the victims, some young some old, innocent and celebrating life, sadness and anger grew from my belly.

Sadness for lives lost, futures taken, realization of the ever reaching impact the decision of one individual will have for generations to come. It’s stinging.

Anger because I can no longer stay quiet as I watch as God is removed from our country, sides being chosen when we are supposed to be ONE people, judgement and belittling that is now “ok” because it’s on screens and TVs everywhere and selfish, greedy, “better than” attitudes that have slipped away from being a village that should help each of our neighbors.

Here’s the reality of life: you don’t always get what you want. You must work hard. Life isn’t fair. You should love your neighbors—ALL of them. Share your wealth. Feed the poor. Support each other. If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your damn mouth shut.

Our children are watching us. They see you yelling obscenities at a referee. They watch when you trash talk the people around you even though you put on a good show for the neighbors. They learn hate. They learn charity when you give. They learn compassion when you serve. They keep watching all of us. What are we showing them?

Start giving MORE. Start loving MORE. It’s the only way we can drown out the darkness.

We need to become one. Maybe then we can see the pain in peoples eyes when they hurt or want to die or want to induce pain.

This is OUR problem. We all need to step up.

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