Growing through adversity and failure

Watching my two daughters grow into young women has been one of the most awesome experiences in my life.

Since they were small, I told them how smart, brave and amazing they were. I tried hard to always add “beautiful” as an afterthought (if I added it at all). Yes, I believe my girls have been beautiful their whole lives, but beauty is not something I wanted them believing they ‘had’ to be or something that I ‘measured’ in them.

Each of them are on their own path, making their way with friends and school and sports and activities. There have been good days and hard days along the way.

After my divorce from their dad, they were left to get themselves ready for school and onto the bus at the young ages of 9 and 7. I had to return to work full time and each day I left I felt like the worst mother ever.

Today, I can see how those hard days for us have helped form them into the people they are today. My girls are strong, smart, loyal, loving, hard working, independent, dedicated and responsible. These qualities grew from a “failure” and a non-typical family dynamic.

For those of you from divorced families, non-typical families, or those of you that are just struggling to take each day one at a time, keep fighting the good fight and keep believing in the good you bring.

Fighting and growing through failure or loss is what’s makes us strong. My girls are a testament to that.

To all of us, love everyone, because you don’t know what their struggles are.

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