What we can learn from the Las Vegas shooting

Filled with so much emotion right now. Scrolling through Facebook tonight and I see the beginning of a slideshow of the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas. Tears. Hurt. I couldn’t continue. Seeing the faces of the victims, some young some old, innocent and celebrating life, sadness and anger grew from my belly. Sadness…

You are responsible for your happiness

In a world where people aren’t feeling heard or valued or validated, take a moment to remember all of the amazing things in your life. It’s easy to say “I don’t have…” or “I should get…” or “it’s not fair” but when you change those to “I’m thankful for…” or “I’m grateful I get to…”…

Growing through adversity and failure

Watching my two daughters grow into young women has been one of the most awesome experiences in my life. Since they were small, I told them how smart, brave and amazing they were. I tried hard to always add “beautiful” as an afterthought (if I added it at all). Yes, I believe my girls have…

You don’t have to live your life like yesterday

Sunrise is a beautiful thing. It’s a reminder that you can make today whatever you want. It tells you that although the night may have been cold, the sun is now here to warm you and shine on everything you are. I’ve been swept up too much lately in being busy, pleasing everyone else, neglecting…

Inspire and light up social media

Some days the glorification of things and/or negativity around us can leave us feeling drained. I log onto Facebook and I see criticism of our government, crap talking to people about stupid things, photos of more, more, more and I consider leaving social media. But then I realize that WE don’t have to listen to…


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